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GE Turbine Users

Do your exhaust gas sensor tips start out looking like this...

...and end up prematurely looking like this?

Solve the problem of broken sensor tips with Conax enhanced exhaust gas sensors

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Temperature Sensors & Assemblies
for Siemens Westinghouse 501 & GE Frame 5, 6, and 7 Turbines

  • Blade Path Temperature Sensors
  • Disc Cavity Temperature Sensors
  • Bearing Sensors
  • Exhaust Gas Rake Assemblies
  • Flashback Sensors
  • Wheelspace & Exhaust Thermocouples
  • Mating Cables
  • Radiation Shields
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(Thermocouples, RTD's, seals & instruments)
Temperature sensors - standard and custom engineered thermocouples and RTD's. Specialists in thermocouples for power plant applications
Bearing sensors and seals for combustion turbines
Exhaust rakes and sensors - designed for one man servicing
Thermowells, transmitters, indicators and process controls

Seals for wire and probes - compression fittings with elastomer ferrules for pressure and vacuum. For single and multiple element seals. Up to 240 wires through a single port. CSA certified seals for hazardous locations. From vacuum to 10,000 psig. Higher pressures on special order. Elastomer seals are re-usable. The fitting can be loosened, the probe or wire(s) repositioned and the fitting retightened again.

(Hazardous gas detection)
Toxic and combustible gas detection sensors. Infrared, Catalytic, Electrochemical & Semiconductor types. Single stand-alone and multiple sensor computer directed systems Applications include water and waste treatment; landfills; chemical plants and refineries; solvent monitoring, transit storage facilities, power generation stations, drilling rigs; fuel storage sites - onshore or offshore, inside or outside..

PSI-TRONIX DIGITAL PRESSURE GAUGES Digital pressure gauges and pressure transducers.
Standard % accuracy - optional 0.1% available on many ranges.
Standard bottom port - optional rear pressure port
Optional output signals and NIST certification

Linear Displacement Transducers & Transmitters 0-2 to 0-500 inches.

(Position feedback - industrial, miniature & OEM types)
Position & velocity transducer cable extension type (string pots). Ranges from 0/2" to 0/1700".
Rotary transducers - fractional to 200 turns
Inclinometers - 45 to 270 degrees
Linear potentiometers complete with end mounts- ranges from 0/0.5" to 0/30". Outputs include basic potentiometer, 4/20 ma, 0/5 & 0/10 vdc, incremental encoder, RS232, CANbus, and DeviceNET protocols.
Linear (string pot) to rotary motion transducers for interface to external products such as limit switches, absolute resolvers, encoders etc

(Distributor Products)
American Gas - Faster leak detection - gas or liquid with ultrasonics.
Conax - Thermocouples, RTDs and compression type seals for wires and probes.
Delphian - Toxic and combustible gas detection.
Psi-tronix - Digital pressure gauges and 1/4% pressure transducers
Hastings - T/C vacuum gauges, linear mass flowmeters and controllers.