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(Thermocouples, RTD's, seals & instruments)
Temperature sensors - standard and custom engineered thermocouples and RTD's. Specialists in thermocouples for power plant applications
Bearing sensors and seals for combustion turbines
Exhaust rakes and sensors - designed for one man servicing
Thermowells, transmitters, indicators and process controls

Seals for wire and probes - compression fittings with elastomer ferrules for pressure and vacuum. For single and multiple element seals. Up to 240 wires through a single port. CSA certified seals for hazardous locations. From vacuum to 10,000 psig. Higher pressures on special order. Elastomer seals are re-usable. The fitting can be loosened, the probe or wire(s) repositioned and the fitting retightened again.

(Hazardous gas detection)
Toxic and combustible gas detection sensors. Infrared, Catalytic, Electrochemical & Semiconductor types. Single stand-alone and multiple sensor computer directed systems Applications include water and waste treatment; landfills; chemical plants and refineries; solvent monitoring, transit storage facilities, power generation stations, drilling rigs; fuel storage sites - onshore or offshore, inside or outside..

PSI-TRONIX DIGITAL PRESSURE GAUGES Digital pressure gauges and pressure transducers.
Standard % accuracy - optional 0.1% available on many ranges.
Standard bottom port - optional rear pressure port
Optional output signals and NIST certification

Linear Displacement Transducers & Transmitters 0-2 to 0-500 inches.

(Position feedback - industrial, miniature & OEM types)
Position & velocity transducer cable extension type (string pots). Ranges from 0/2" to 0/1700".
Rotary transducers - fractional to 200 turns
Inclinometers - 45 to 270 degrees
Linear potentiometers complete with end mounts- ranges from 0/0.5" to 0/30". Outputs include basic potentiometer, 4/20 ma, 0/5 & 0/10 vdc, incremental encoder, RS232, CANbus, and DeviceNET protocols.
Linear (string pot) to rotary motion transducers for interface to external products such as limit switches, absolute resolvers, encoders etc