Conax Buffalo can custom engineer special sensors, mountings and assemblies for virtually any application, with nearly limitless combinations of termination styles, mounting methods and sealing assemblies. Here are just a few examples of Conax Buffalo special assemblies:
1. Thermocouple assembly is ruggedized for high impact applications with a sheath bend, armor cable and heavy-duty spring-load bayonet mounting.

2. A sensor is embedded in a bolt-down ring-tongue connector for monitoring surface temperature. The connection style provides secure mounting.

3. This thermocouple features a flattened, contoured and bent oversheath to match the contour of a copier drum. It is used by service technicians to test the operating temperature of the drum.

4. Integral sheath to mounting/leadwire terminal in a sealed sensor assembly features a Teflon-insulated wire with stainless steel braid covering for service in a hostile manufacturing environment.

5. This small, screw-in RTD sensor has a low mass for exceptionally fast response.
6. This large-diameter, reduced-tip RTD assembly provides fast response and maximum rigidity.

7. Thermistor assembly features a unique Conax Buffalo capability - molding the connector to the protected leads to form a completely waterproof assembly. In this case, a bolt-in thermistor achieves positive contact with the element whose temperature must be accurately sensed.

8. High-density thermocouple feedthrough assembly with high-vacuum flange mount permits 24 conductors (12 thermocouples) into a restricted port.

9. Fixed-position temperature sensor with silicone-sleeved leads and multi-pin connector is tightly sealed for a food process application and associated washdown environment.
10. An inert-gas backfilled, sealed tungsten-rhenium sensor is used for high temperature applications. The assembly features three sensors at discrete locations and is used for thermal profiling. Its sheath is tube-formed for ease of positioning and installation.

11. This multiple pair thermocouple (2 pair shown) features a sealed sensor and six-pin connector assembly designed for high vibration, high humidity and high reliability. The sheath and cable length can be varied depending on the application.

12. A simple T1 termination sensor features a Teflon® -coated oversheath to protect against acid corrosion.

13. A high-temperature platinum wire thermocouple assembly includes a sheath probe with a plug-in jack.