Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors

Conax Buffalo Technologies' patented Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor (FOTS) system extends temperature measurement capabilities for high temperature applications beyond current thermocouple technology with special emphasis on measuring temperatures in gas turbine engines.

System Features

System Description
The system comprises a Sensing Element in a Probe Housing, a Fiber Optic cable and an Opto-Electronic Signal Processor.

Sensing Element and Probe Housing
The Conax Buffalo Technologies Fiber Optic Temperature sensor technology is based on thermal radiation. An optically emissive material is inserted into the flow path where it is heated by the gas stream and produces thermal radiation. This optical energy is transmitted down a sapphire light guide which is supported in a probe housing.

Fiber Optic Cable
A flexible optical fiber within the cable transmits the thermal radiation from the probe to the signal processor. The rugged construction is derived from cable assemblies designed for the harsh military aircraft engine environment, allowing the cable to survive the temperature and vibration associated with the turbine engine case environment.

Opto-Electronic Signal Processor
Optical radiation produced by the probe is detected by the signal processor and converted to a digital value corresponding to the probe tip temperature.