1. T13 Head: The T13 Termination Head is a FDA-compliant RTD and thermocouple termination head for sanitary, corrosive or general purpose applications. Molded of white, unpigmented polypropylene with an epichlorohydrin, non- asbestos gasket and stainless steel chain and pins, the T13 meets NEMA 4 requirements for indoor or outdoor non-hazardous applications. The head protects against dust, rain, splashing water and hose-directed water and provides good resistance to most acid solutions, alkalines and salt water. It provides a 6-post termination. Shown with sanitary endcap. 2. High-Density (HD), Mechanically Sealed and TG Gland with 24 AWG Wire-Feedthrough Assemblies: The high-density assembly consists of a stainless steel tube swaged over 24 bundled, Teflon®-coated thermocouple wires, with or without junctions, and/or copper wires, providing a continuous wire feedthrough for thermocouples, RTDs and low voltage instrumentation. These assemblies are available in single (24-wire) or multiple (up to 96-wire) configurations. Conax Buffalo TG "soft seal" glands for pressure or vacuum sealing of wire transducers incorporate 24-gauge Teflon®-insulated wires. These provide multiple insulated wires for chamber profiling and high accuracy applications. 3. SterimasterTM Chamber/Load Sensor Assembly: Specifically designed for the extreme environmental conditions found in pharmaceutical autoclave chambers, the SterimasterTM Chamber/Load Sensor withstands the leakage of steam/condensate into the sensor and offers a higher reliability than previously attainable with any sensor apparatus. The sensor assembly is available with a Conax Buffalo sealing gland assembly that withstands the extreme environment, and its rugged design stands up to frequent operator handling. It is available in RTD and thermocouple configurations.