Conax Buffalo offers multiple types of temperature transmitters, Including:
1. The Model HPTI is a small, 4-20 mA output, isolated 2-wire transmitter for RTD or thermocouple sensors. This will fit into any T5, TI 1 or TI 2 series terminal head.

2. The Model PTH-400 is a small, PC-programmable, 2-wire transmitter with a state-of-the-art microprocessor-based design. This is fully configurable with simple, user-friendly software.

3. The Model HST HART® Smart isolated 2-wire transmitter features universal input capability to accept most of today's process parameters, including thermocouples, RTDS, DCMV, potentiometers, resistance sensors, DCmA, DCA, AC amps, frequency and pulse. It is fully software driven and programmable.
4. The Model DRT2-RTD and DRT4-RTD are compact, DIN rail-mounted transmitters for 2-, 3- and 4-wire RTD sensors. The output is linear with respect to the sensor's temperature. The 4-wire input circuitry provides near-perfect compensation for the effect of long leadwire resistance. These units are powered by a standard industrial-loop power supply and provide a 4-20mA output on a 2-wire transmitter system (DRT2-RTD) or any standard current or voltage output on a 4-wire system (DRT4-RTD).

5. Conax Buffalo Con-O-Clad®: Conax Buffalo produces in-house our exclusive mineral insulated (MgO) Con-O-Clad bulk material for single and multiple pair wires. This is available in all ISA base metal calibrations for thermocouples in sizes from 0.040 to 0.375 inch diameters. Other non-standard material combinations can be furnished for special requirements.

6. Thermocouple Extension Wire: Conax supplies bulk wire in a variety of insulation materials and ISA calibrations for use in various environments, including indoor, outdoor, corrosive, non-corrosive and electrical noise areas.

7. Conax Pressure and Vacuum Sealing Assemblies: Conax manufactures a complete line of pressure/vacuum compression sealing glands for wires and probes. In addition to our wide range of standard products, virtually unlimited customized designs are available. All designs feature Conax-developed "soft sealant" technology that provides unequalled adaptability to meet the application needs of any industry.