Conax Buffalo offers a number of sensor termination styles. The T1 basic configuration features a standard 1-inch bare wire lead, with ISA-designated color-coded Teflon®-sleeves. The probe end is impregnated with silicone compound to prevent liquid or gas penetration. The T2 configuration features a silicone-impregnated glass braid insulation combination swaged approximately 3/4-inch into the sheath. The T3 is epoxy-filled, with an exclusive Conax Buffalo strain harness design providing a practically unbreakable connection between the lead wire and probe lead. The T4 adds a stainless steel overbraid to the T3 configuration. This protects lead wires and offers maximum flexibility and resistance to abrasion. The T2, T3 and T4 terminations feature a standard lead wire length of 24 inches with longer leads available on request.

The PJ Series of polarized plug and jack assemblies are made of molded, glass-filled thermoset compounds with contacts made of thermocouple alloys. They are available as male only (PJ) female only (PF), male/female assemblies (PJF) and male/female assemblies with cable clamp (PJFC). High temperature assemblies are available for applications above 400°F

1. Dual Plug & Jack assemblies offer four-wire configuration.
2. 3-Prong versions are available for RTD assemblies.
3. Miniature Plug & Jack assemblies are ideal for laboratory use.
1. Pipe Clamps: Stainless steel Pipe Clamp assemblies are available for use with all Conax Buffalo probes for accurate reading of outside pipe temperatures. They can be used with any terminal head or with wire alone.

2. Type B Terminations: Compact, lightweight Type B heads make terminating probes easy and convenient. Available in 2-, 3- and 4-wire post configurations, these corrosion-resistant heads offer easy and convenient hookup of customer's extension wire. An "O" ring seal prevents moisture intrusion.
3. Type C Terminations: C Series terminations provide a convenient, compact method to terminate one or more sensors within a single probe. Screw posts securely fasten lead wires in position. Metal parts are stainless steel, with black anodized aluminum covers.

4. Type D Terminations: The Type D disc-type terminations feature a stainless steel base brazed to the sensor sheath. The terminal block uses an exclusive Conax Buffalo design with up to 6 barrier- type terminals on a ceramic block.
5. Basic Sensor: Conax Buffalo supplies the most basic sensor configuration, consisting of thermocouple wire surrounded with hard-fired alumina oxide (Al2O3) insulators. A one-inch lead termination is provided.
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